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Cause-Related Marketing Solutions

Aligning your brand with a cause partner distinguishes you from competitors and gives customers that extra bit of incentive to choose your product. However, tying user actions to charitable giving brings up new logistical hurdles and careful planning is crucial to successful implementation. From global brands such as UNICEF to small business giving back to local charities, NextBee has powered a diverse array of mutually beneficial social cause marketing programs.

Our dedicated and knowledgable staff will work closely with you to devise a strategy optimally suited to your unique partnership and marketing goals. Among the many types of philanthropic programs our platform can implement are:

  • Purchase Triggered Programs
  • Charity Programs
  • Social Media Programs
  • Product Donation Programs
  • Action Triggered Programs
  • QR Code Programs

Once customers see your dedication to supporting causes they care about and your campaign builds momentum, you can combine and expand any of these programs to further promote engagement and giving.

With NextBee's user-friendly and scalable technology, you're in control of every aspect of your campaign: define terms for participation, percent of purchases donated and caps on total giving.

We've spent years streamlining the implementation dynamics of our programs, so you can get your campaign up and running with minimal IT upheaval. With your unique strategy in hand, our design team will build everything needed in 3-4 weeks - keeping you updated throughout the process. Then, based on your website's platform, we'll send customized instructions to your team and they'll only need a couple of hours for integration.

Authenticity and transparency are critical: customers want to know who your brand supports, why and how their actions will help. NextBee makes it easy to tell a story that resonates with your users while motivating them to engage with and support your charitable efforts.

We can design and host landing pages on your site that detail your cause marketing campaign - give users background on the cause they will be supporting, show how much has been raised to date, FAQ's, share individual success stories and invite users to learn more. If you're working with a number of charities spread out geographically (local schools, for instance) users can opt to have the donation their purchase triggers, given locally. In addition to landing pages, we can use widgets, iFrames or overlays throughout your site that encourage participation.

For both you and your cause partner, awareness can prove nearly as valuable as dollars. To that end, Nextbee integrates seamlessly across social media platforms. Promote across channels with Facebook fan pages, like-gate pages and simulcast messages on Twitter and Pinterest.

Make cause-marketing a part of your referral program by giving users unique referral links and pre-set email messages - once they complete a purchase they can send a message with details of your campaign to all their contacts. When someone uses that link to make a purchase, the referer can be rewarded with small prizes or an increased donation on their behalf.

In addition to donating money or products based on purchases, you can align other actions with supporting your cause-partner to keep users engaged. Promote your Facebook app by giving a mirco-donation every time it's downloaded. If you have a brick and mortar establishment you can drive walk in traffic by offering users deals and triggering donations every time they visit your store and check-in using your app on their smartphone.

By hosting a page of twitter messages that promote your brand and cause on your site, and letting users know that every time they retweet one of these it helps your cause, you can radically increase your twitter following and reach new customers.

Take your campaign a step further with tiered rewards and gamification options. Let users select a charity from your list of partners and accumulate points every time they make a purchase or take an action (sharing, tweeting, voting, etc.). At the end of the campaign the charity with the most points will receive the biggest donation.

Detailed Tracking

NextBee understands that detailed reporting and tracking is essential to any marketing program. With our easy to use admin section, you will have complete access to every detail needed to make your cause-marketing campaign the most successful. View reports by:

  • Customer Tags
  • Purchases & Donations
  • Referral Channels
  • Social Connections
  • Emails
  • And the list goes on

Furthermore, all your data is stored on our multi-tenant system on it's own silo so if there's is ever a report you want to see that's not in our standard list, simply send your account manager a quick message and they'll get that report out to you straightaway.

Tapping into your customers' desire to do good can provide a host of immediate, and long-lasting benefits. At NextBee we put you in the driver's seat when creating your cause marketing campaign and give you all the tools and options to create a program optimized to your needs.

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